The Bug Vs Earth 12″

2014.10.26 Sun

Here’s the final piece of artwork I made for the recent Bug releases…

THE BUG vs EARTH ‘Boa/Cold’ USA ‘Black Friday’ record store day release via Ninja Tune.

At War With Time (The Bug – Angels & Devils Inner Gatefold Artwork)

2014.08.18 Mon

Irrational Power – Vinyl carving

2014.07.29 Tue

Brand new exclusive print to Cataract Press shop by Simon Fowler.

An irradiated post apocalyptic landscape of gore and deformity.

“We have harnessed the energy of the sun, it’s totally out of control and there is simply nothing we can do about it” Dr Helen Caldecott 2011

20cm x 40cm, one colour hand carved hand printed vinyl engraving. Printed on 90gsm washi.

Edition of 35 only.  ORDER HERE


2014.07.22 Tue

Hand carved rubber stamp logo design for The Bug.

The Bug – Angels & Devils Cover Art

2014.06.13 Fri